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Orompaquenga, a bizzare dark fantasy RPG with no class restriction where you play as a knight of the depths. Your goal is to defeat The Mass, a colossal floating ball of grease that will block the hole in the sky of a twisted and unknown world, turning the World of the Depths to hell like in the old times causing an apocalypse.

-Your skills depend of the weapon you equip, every weapon is unique, with their own skills and animations.

-5 unique optional characters to recruit.

-Several alternative paths to explore and places to discover.

-A hard mode (Anxious Mode) that adds new enemies, unique bosses and ending exclusive to this mode.

-You can side with the enemy and change your adventure and interactions through the game.

-5 alternative endings for your story.

-At least 2-3 hours of gameplay.

Twitter: Isopodomancer (@isopodomancer) / Twitter
Discord: https://discord.gg/Mh9DyzdBsg

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags2D, Dark Fantasy, Top-Down, Top Down Adventure


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Por culpa de este juego perdi a mi familia

I'm amazed at how you managed to turn a 5 star game into something even greater. This is easily one of the best RPGs on Itch, and one of my favorites overall.
However, the latest update has two (three?) bugs I noticed while playing. The first is that the game sometimes crashes when a battle starts for no apparent reason. The second is that it's possible to use the Graveyard Rose after entering the New Era Land, and re-entering that area by returning to The Edge softlocks the player on a black screen, though it is possible to access the menu. The third is that there is an item to the left of the church in the New Era Land that can't be picked up as far as I know. I'm not sure if this is intended or not.


I'm very thankful for your kind words and I really apreciatte the bug report, specially since these seem to be really game breaking like the Graveyard Rose. I will be fixing those bugs and more soon, thank you again and sorry for the late response.

is there any way i can get the pearl necklace that isnt the chest?? i smashed it back when i did my first session of this a few weeks ago and now i found out its necessary for ending a, so that really sucks... also i only have 1 marriage ring, do i just need to replay the whole game?

Yes, there is only 2 marrige rings on the game, and you need them both, if you destroy it, you have to play it all over


I've played the game for about 4-5hours and got all the endings

I gotta say,the game is just amazing,and It's pretty "samu style"to me.9.5/10 would recommend, though I gotta say,I spent an hour on searching all the teammates that could be
recruited(and finally found them all through searching the game files : C)

(I think)The sentinel is kinda hard to recruit due to the fact that the orb that's used to help him can only be found after you passed the cave :/

The music and the sounds are great,and the atmosphere is fantastic, though I kinda had a hard time trying to figure out what's going on,and what's the whole story about.

( I've actually can't even understand what the game's title is about, maybe some hints or explanation? :p)

But still,great game, already recommended to my friends. : D

how did you searched on the game files? all I could see was generic rpg maker images on the files, I could only recruit 3 characters and do 3 endings

You need a decrypter to see the actual stuff.

tru :P


i wish i was in this game as a reference character....


The aesthetic looks top


haven't played but screenshots remind me of off.

It was actually inspired by Mothlight, a game inspired by OFF hehe, never played OFF but I should someday.


It looks great. 

RMXP, right?

or at least the battle and menu screen look like its made in RMXP

No, it is RPG Maker VX Ace.


hehe.. sorry ive never used RMVX or Ace and RMXP has the overworld character sprite in the menu by default just like this game so i thought it might be RMXP

how do you go full screen in windows 10?




I'm late but thanks



Deleted 1 year ago

i posted a comment but deleted it because i wanted to come back later as a joke

well... this is later

(2 edits) (+2)

I have the Necklace, the ring and the tie, I tried facing the Mass as normal and as an executioner, equipping the items and don't, but I can't unlock the Ending A, what am I doing wrong?

btw, incredible game, have some things to fix here and there but the art, soundtrack, atmosphere and story is incredible, 10/10, oh, and the colorful monsters at the end were a nice refference.

edit: I replayed the game after all these months and yeah, I got the ending A, I must have forgot one of the marrige rings, at least I got the the ending A

Could you maybe tell me where you found the tie? It's probably really obvious lol, but I can't seem to find it.


It's in a house at the village.


Thank you! 


lol this looks pretty cool, kinda like undertale


So far I've gotten ending B and C. I can't seem to get ending A, I don't know if it's because I'm missing something or the end boss is just really hard. I'm really curious about the ending though.


You need certain items mentioned by the fake queen.


Ooh ofcourse! For some reason that totally slipped my mind, thanks for the help!

I tried attacking the dark priest but instead it was the cursed cross.

I don't know how to progress the corrupted ruins. I've slain the chained guy and went to the place where there's a new sword, but I can't teleport anywhere else.


there are TWO guys with chains, one at the left and other at the right.

I've never been onthe left. I found the curiola. Thank you.

Oh yeah, you can find videos about the game on youtube too if that helps.

Uh, was I supposed to choose equipment before anxious mode? that sure is something to be anxious about

if i download it it says that this file is dangerous and it deletes it automattically


Wut??? Tell it otherwise.

when it ends downloading the file windows says that the file is dangerous and will be deleted


Here is a link to my "The First 15" game review of Orompaquenga! I enjoyed what I saw quite a bit, and I hope to be able to play this game all the way through very soon! In the meantime, keep up the great work <3

Thank you! I'm checking it right now, I'm surprised you pronounced it well.



LOVING this game, one of the best ive played in years. however, i got to stone town, activated all the little crystal rocks, and talked to EVERY npc. I told the queen it's her fault cause I'm a cheeky bastard, and now I have no idea how to progress. Am I supposed to backtrack to the nexus now, or am I missing something?

10/10 game either way.


You need to obtain the light orbs from both zones, the Profaned Mountain and the Corrupted Ruins, the light orbs are not something you have in your inventory, once you turn them off, both of them, you'll need to return to the outpost and use the portal that will appear there.


OHH okay, cool! I did get both, I just didn't trek back to the outpost. Thanks for the response!

(1 edit) (+1)

i got past the corrupted ruins and stone village, but i can't seem to progress any further, idk if my game is bugged or what

You need to obtain the light orbs from both zones, the Profaned Mountain and the Corrupted Ruins, the light orbs are not something you have in your inventory, once you turn them off, both of them, you'll need to return to the outpost and use the portal that will appear there.


ah, see i only found the one in the mountain, thanks.


I’m not an shit



your game look awsome i m downloading it ,sorry for not giving you some money


It's fine, you don't have to pay for it, just knowing you are willing to play it is enough! Thank you!


Just finished the game and I liked it a lot! Got Ending A, and will try to get the remaining two. The soundtrack is rad and an interesting style choice for this type of game and the characters designs have a really good mix of creepy and cool.

Like some other comments mentioned, the UI is a bit too small and hard to read. I also find myself only changing between 2 or 3 of the available weapons and shields, and though most of them sound cool, they quickly become obsolete.

Regardless, this is a really fun and bizzare game; would marry an eldritch grease mass again.


Thank you so much for your feedback, I will try to at least improve the UI among other things to come. I also apreciatte your nice words :) I will consider the problem with the weapons in my future projects.


I’ve played this for about an hour, but I got some feedback.

The white text on the bright backgrounds (such as the battle popup text and the health/mana text on top of the bars) makes it impossible to see and a bit frustrating, consider adding an outline.

Physical build doesn’t seem too viable so far, I’ll have to play to judge more deeply.

The game is extremely reminiscent of Mothlight, from the beginning area, to the save points and even the artstyle. Which is cool, especially considering Samu is no longer around publicly (at least with his Samu alias).

The hard mode isn’t too hard, though considering there’s no middle option that’s a good thing. That’s all good.

Music is alright, not my thing but it serves the game well.

Overall with some minor changes this can improve the game in a big way. Hope you find this helpful (I may or may not post another review later.


i really like these illustrations and UI

(1 edit) (+2)

For an RPG Maker VX Ace game, you did pretty well, the atmosphere and graphics reminded me OFF by Mortis Game if I'm not missing it. I love the OST too

So far I got B and C Ending, and I'm still searching for Ending A as much as the 3rd optional Party member that I'm suspecting to be Lud or Del-ta, the last great silver wizard


Forgot to save after defeating the Golden Wizard. 😂 Was more fun the second time.


This is a great little RPG if you're looking for something creative to explore for a night or two! I got the whole thing done in about 3 hours, but I also wanted to see EVERYTHING so if you zoom right to the end it will probably be much faster for you. 

The OST and world are great, and I couldn't get enough of the different enemies and environments! The puzzles are really simple but good, and the map is much more interconnected than I originally thought, which was cool!

I found a few small bugs, but nothing game-breaking. Combat is a bit odd, but I found it easy to figure out once I played for a bit. 

Overall, I highly recommend!! This game is definitely worth giving the dev a few bucks if you can spare!!!


Whit which version of RPG Maker has this game been done?

RPG Maker VX Ace.




I'm playing on easy mode, because I'm scared. I love the music and the enemies are so fun.


I love the atmosphere, but the mechanics a bit to obtuse for my tastes.  Although I am a bit of a noob when it comes to these kinds of games.  Also, I cant figure out how to resize the window so the game was tiny on my screen.


I'm sorry. Also, for the window, try F6 and F5 to adjust the size.

(1 edit) (+1)

oh my god this reminds me so much of mothlight,  i thought you were samu (mothlight dev) for a second there! it's been a while since i last played an rpg game with an art style so unique. i absolutely love this!


Mothlight did in fact inspire me a lot to make this game, glad to see someone else that liked that game.


looks a little OFF for me...


Good joke, it was actually inspired in Mothlight, I never played OFF, I should, I don't know why I haven't yet.


The art style and numerical motifs definitely remind me of OFF as well. Also, is there any chance that you'll be making a MacOS version in the future?

I'm really sorry I doubt that will happen :(


It's alright. Having MacOS just sucks on this website.


Just wanna say that its a great game ! Hope to see more of your stuff one day!


How do you get past the corrupted ruins? I've tried all of the teleporting things and I cannot advance through. Am I supposed to be able to walk over the holes where the worm things are?


I don't know how I missed this but you were not able to go through that part, I know exactly where you got stuck at, I'm really sorry, the hard mode was literally impossible. However, I just fixed it so you should be able to go above a certain hole and reach the other chain.


So Yea I reached the first "chain" as you call it but I do not seem to be able to go much further


I'm sorry, I can't believe how massively stupid I am, I fixed the other side but forgot about that one, I'm fixing it right now.


I think this game is truly wonderful. There's something about the atmosphere, and the vibe of the game - it reminds me dreams I had when I was a kid. I really like it!

The only real problem I had with it was with some of the UI. Especially in the battles, the players health and soul UI felt really small. Also, whenever you damage an enemy, it shows up as white text, and over the white enemies, it can be difficult to see how you did. maybe just like, outlining the text in black would make it a ton easier to see.

I really hope you keep working on this game! A little bit of polish and clean up and i could really see myself falling in love with it. 

Understood, thank you for the feedback, I'll remember that when I get back to it today.

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