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Orompaquenga, a bizzare dark fantasy RPG with no class restriction where you play as a knight of the depths. Your goal is to defeat The Mass, a colossal floating ball of grease that will block the hole in the sky of a twisted and unknown world, turning the World of the Depths to hell like in the old times causing an apocalypse.

-Your skills depend of the weapon you equip, every weapon is unique, with their own skills and animations.

-3 unique optional characters to recruit.

-Several alternative paths to explore and places to discover.

-A hard mode (Anxious Mode) that adds new enemies and other dangers.

-You can side with the enemy and change your adventure and interactions through the game.

-3 alternative endings for your story.

-At least 1 hour of gameplay.

Updated 1 day ago
Published 6 days ago
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tags2D, Dark Fantasy, Top-Down, Top Down Adventure


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Just wanna say that its a great game ! Hope to see more of your stuff one day!


This was great, I really enjoyed playing this. Aside from the interesting art, music, and general ambience, I also loved how weapons weren't just stat changes and instead had their own move sets. The enemies were also radically different from each other. It's rare an RPG Maker game actually has combat that keeps me engaged, but this managed.

Highly recommend this to anyone who thinks it looks even the slightest bit neat.

Also there's definitely some deeper meaning hidden in all the weirdness. I think I caught some hints in how NPCs address the main character, the enemies at the end, and the endings of course, but I don't have a coherent enough guess for any actual theory.


How do you get past the corrupted ruins? I've tried all of the teleporting things and I cannot advance through. Am I supposed to be able to walk over the holes where the worm things are?


I don't know how I missed this but you were not able to go through that part, I know exactly where you got stuck at, I'm really sorry, the hard mode was literally impossible. However, I just fixed it so you should be able to go above a certain hole and reach the other chain.


So Yea I reached the first "chain" as you call it but I do not seem to be able to go much further


I'm sorry, I can't believe how massively stupid I am, I fixed the other side but forgot about that one, I'm fixing it right now.


I think this game is truly wonderful. There's something about the atmosphere, and the vibe of the game - it reminds me dreams I had when I was a kid. I really like it!

The only real problem I had with it was with some of the UI. Especially in the battles, the players health and soul UI felt really small. Also, whenever you damage an enemy, it shows up as white text, and over the white enemies, it can be difficult to see how you did. maybe just like, outlining the text in black would make it a ton easier to see.

I really hope you keep working on this game! A little bit of polish and clean up and i could really see myself falling in love with it. 

Understood, thank you for the feedback, I'll remember that when I get back to it today.

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I played this for 3 hours and got all three endings. 

I have to say, this game is totally mesmerizing. I was captivated the whole way through. I love the art style and feel of the game. All of the monsters are so cool, and the music and sound effects are incredible.

That said, I have no idea what anything was about. The "story" is totally off the wall and makes absolutely no sense (don't get me wrong - that's half the fun!). I also must just suck at choosing dialogue, because I got none of the other characters. I also found a ton of bugs... some silly, some disappointing, none really game-breaking. For instance I consumed my two grease magic scrolls and got no spells. 

I'm tempted to play this again to get other characters. That's how good I think it is. Anyways, I hope you fix it up because I think this could be a classic.


Thank you so much, glad you managed to enjoy it even with all the problems you found, and I'm deeply sorry about the bugs, I just fixed the problem you had with the scroll and other bugs, thank you for the feedback!