Hello everyone, as the title says, a massive update and steam port are coming. The game will still be free. This new upcoming update will bring 2 new endings, 2 new party members, an improved magic system and the way wands and staffs work, tons and tons of bug fixes and changes in the quality of life. New zones, improved questlines and dialogues, etc etc, and expansions of already existing zones. A ton of new items and weapons, and wands and staffs, scepters and a lot A LOT more. I'm also adding more game and exploration unique to an ending after the final boss now.

The update should be done this SAME week, so keep an eye on this page and follow so you don't miss it.

The links below take you to some pictures of the progress being made:

Isopodomancer on Twitter: "Some stuff from Orompaquenga's update. I'm sorry for not posting anything last week, I don't like posting stuff that is too WIP. #indiedev #rpgmaker #gamedev #indiegame #RPG" / Twitter

Isopodomancer on Twitter: "Some stuff from Orompaquenga's update. #indiedev #rpgmaker #gamedev #indiegame #RPG" / Twitte


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Apr 23, 2021

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Can't wait. Keep up the strange work!